Seminar Details

Abdulaziz, Grossbart & Rudman have had requests from all over the state to come give seminars on various topics and to speak at many trade association events. Call us today to set up your own seminar.

Some of the available seminar topics we currently speak on are:

  • Collecting Your Money -- Mechanic's Liens, Stop Payment Notices and Payment Bonds, including the new Mechanic's Lien Laws
  • Construction Contracts and Subcontracts
  • Construction Forms
  • What's Going On With the CSLB?
  • CSLB Advertising Requirements
  • What's New This Year?
  • Collecting Through Small Claims
  • Ask The Expert! (Customizable Topics Just For You)

Collecting Your Money -- Mechanic's Liens, Stop Payment Notices and Payment Bonds, including the new Mechanic's Lien Laws

This topic covers the nuts and bolts of collection remedies including the Mechanic's Lien process as well as Stop Payment Notices and Bonds. This seminar is designed for the contractor or clerical/credit personnel involved in the collection process, no matter how large or small the company. You will walk away with an understanding of what collection remedy is right for each job, how to use the Preliminary Notice, what the timelines involved for recording and filing lawsuits are, how to avoid technicalities that make liens unenforceable, and much more. You will learn practical tools, tips and techniques to streamline your collection efforts.

Construction Contracts and Subcontracts

This topic can be fine tuned to discuss the types of contracts or subcontracts that attendees are most interested in. Generally, it covers the required Home Improvement Contract Clauses, onerous killer subcontract clauses and alternative language, other general construction contracts including when and how to utilize them, understanding the meaning of basic contractual terms, and how to use change orders. The goal of this seminar is to give general contractors and subcontractors the knowledge to protect themselves by giving them a wealth of information regarding contracts.
Construction Forms

If you have ever wondered which form you need to use, how it should be filled out, or if it complies with the law, we can help you. This seminar will educate you with respect to many of the commonly used construction forms out there.

What's Going On With the CSLB?

This topic is created with the intent of giving some insight into the Contractors' State License Board. Things are constantly changing in the government and the changes that affect the CSLB affect all contractors. Are you curious about what the CSLB is working on now in the legislative realm? Have you always wondered how the disciplinary process for licensees works? Maybe you just want an understanding of why it takes the time it does for an application to get processed. This seminar will clue you in on that and more.

CSLB Advertising Requirements

Are you aware that as a contractor you have very specific requirements regarding how you are advertising? Are you sure that you are in full compliance? You might be surprised to find out what things you might be doing wrong and the hefty fines that can accompany those errors. Attend this seminar to find out more.

What's New This Year?

This seminar is usually given around the New Year. The purpose is to educate attendees about all of the new legislation that became law which affects the construction industry.

Collecting Through Small Claims

A brief overview of how to proceed with collecting smaller amounts through the Small Claims Courts.

Ask The Expert! (Customizable Topics Just For You)

If there is another topic that you are interested in, please let us know and we can customize a seminar just for you and your group. Don't be afraid to ask us to put our knowledge to your use and Ask The Expert!