Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. What's New?
III. Summary on the Contractors' License Law
IV. Licensing and Regulation of Contractors
V. Enforcement
VI. Contracting As Required By The Contractors' License law (Including Home Improvement, Swimming Pool, Service & Repair, Commercial, Residential Under $500, And New Residential Contracts)
VII. Contracting with Public Entities in California
VIII. Construction Contracts
IX. Clauses for Subcontract Agreements and Other Agreements Between Contractors, Material Suppliers, or Others in the Construction Industry
X. Developments in Indemnification
XI Bonding in the Construction Industry
XII. Insurance
XIII. Disputes
XIV. Mechanic's Liens, Stop Payment Notices, and Bonds
XV. Prompt Payment Laws
XVI. Contractors' Board's Discipline and Disciplinary Statues
XVII. Operating a Construction Business
XVIII. Developments in License Law Cases
XIX. Cases of Importance
XX. Appendix
A. Private Works Mechanic's Lien, Stop Payment Notice and Bond Checklist
B. Public Works Stop Payment Notice, and Bond Checklist
C. Stop Payment Notice, Mechanic's Lien, and Bond Flow Charts
D. Resolution of Dispute
E. Prompt Pay Law Flow Chart - Public Works
F. Prompt Pay Law Flow Chart - Private Works

G. Frequently Used Terms

H. Sample Citation

I.  Current Disciplinary Guidelines and Citations

J. SB 189Civil CodeSection Changes